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"Return of Materials" drive through

May 20, 2020

We hope you are doing well! Thank you again for your continued flexibility and patience.

I want to take this time to share with you about our "Return of Materials" drive through that will be coming up on Tuesday, May 26th and Wednesday, May 27th. We need to collect materials in an effort to prepare the items for next school year. For example, many rented iPads will be replaced with newer versions and all other rented iPads need to be cleared for next year’s rental and app selection. Textbooks and library books need to be collected, isolated for multiple weeks to follow CDC guidelines, and then sorted for next year.
During this return of materials drive through, our staff will have masks and gloves on to assure everyone’s safety. The district has selected two days to allow for flexibility with everyone’s schedules. LRE staff will be collecting the following items: Rental iPads, EDM hard cover textbooks, library books, and classroom library books. As mentioned, this is a drive thru event and I ask that no one leaves their cars during this time.
Please know we will NOT be collecting any of the following: workbooks, journals, recorders, consumable materials (including black and white books). Those items are for your child to keep.
Due to the governor's executive order closing schools until June 30, 2020, we will not be returning items from inside the school at this time. The business we are conducting on these two days are deemed essential to prepare for the 20-21 school year. I know I speak for the staff when I say that we miss our students and families very much. We are working on a celebration and some type of closure activities for our Leopards at a later time to assure compliance with the governor’s orders. Please tell your child, they will get his/her items back later in the summer! I appreciate your patience!
When the return drive through will take place: 
5/26 and 5/27
You select the day that works best.
Main Parking Lot entering off of Lantern Road
by last name
Bus lot entering off of 106th Street by last name
10:00-11:30 A-B-C D-E-F
11:30-1:00 G-H-I J-K-L
1:00-2:30 M-N-O P-Q-R
2:30-4:00 S-T-U-V W-X-Y-Z
This is a time for families that cannot leave during the day and need extended hours.
A to M N to Z

Preparing your items for return:
Rented iPad Look for an email from the district on procedures to prepare your device for return.
EDM hardcover textbook, library books No preparation needed
Classroom books and materials (your teacher may have specific items to return and if so, they will email you)
(Reminder we will NOT be collecting black and white books. Those are yours to keep!)
Please place your items in a plastic grocery bag. On the bag, using a permanent marker, put your child’s name and their teacher’s name.
ex. (Mrs. Smith-Lily Leopard) The plastic bag keeps everyone safe, the items contained and allows us to deliver the bag to your child’s teacher so he/she can account for returned items later in the summer.

Procedure for drop off of materials:
  • Write your child’s FIRST and LAST name on a piece of paper and display it prominently in the passenger side window. If you have a car rider sign, that will work perfectly. Please list ALL children in your family for whom you will be dropping items off.
  • Enter your designated parking lot following the map attached (Main Lot or Bus Lot).
  • Pull into lot and follow the flow of traffic. LRE staff members will attempt to work with 2-3 cars at one time.
  • Open your window and share your child’s teacher and your child’s name. LRE staff members will be checking off student names from a list.
  • You will give your child’s rental iPad, textbook, library book and bag of teacher items all at one time.
  • Pull forward to exit the lot being cognizant of the cars in front of you.
Thank you for your patience with this process. There will certainly be some hiccups with a new process such as one that is described. However, I know we can make it work!
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